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Get Ready for the Ultimate #AngryCraftsChallenge!

Are you ready for a feather-ruffling, craft-building experience? We have partnered with “5- Minute Crafts” to bring you an exclusive Angry Birds Friends competition where creativity knows no bounds. The competition will run from the 18th of September until the 30th of September. Your mission: construct your very own Angry Birds level using everyday objects like pencils, spoons, chewing gum – or WHATEVER you can imagine, and you might just be the lucky winner of an amazing plushie of our beloved bird and some awesome in-game goodies!

What can I win?

🏅 For 3 Winners:

Each winner gets a Red plushie
and some in-game goodies
(1000 bird coins and 5 of each PU).

The total prize value is approximately $44.99.

🏅 For 15 Winners:

In-game goodies
(1000 bird coins and 5 of each PU).

The total prize value is approximately $15.

*Please note that you need to have downloaded the Angry Birds Friends game (iOS, Android, or Facebook) in order to use the in-game prizes. Prizes are personal and cannot be exchanged for money.

Rovio’s info:

Rovio Entertainment Corporation, with an address at Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 Espoo, Finland, Business ID FI18630262 (“Rovio”, “we”).

How do I Participate?

Before you start, remember to Check out the video made by 5-Minute Crafts and how they built a homemade Angry Birds level!

→ Step 1:

Download “Angry Birds Friends”!

Make sure you have Angry Birds Friends game installed.

→ Step 2:

Unleash Your Creativity:

Build your personalised Angry Birds level using everyday items like pencils, spoons, T-shirts, and more!

→ Step 3:

Capture the Magic:

Take a picture or record a video of your crafted masterpiece.

→ Step 4:

Share Your Creation:

Post it on one of the following platforms using the hashtag #AngryCraftsChallenge:

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • YouTube or YouTube Shorts
  • X (Formerly known as Twitter)
  • Instagram

→ Step 5:

Share your personal experience (optional)

Please share with us the favorite part of your crafting journey in your post.

→ Step 6:

You are DONE!

Help, I have no inspiration?!

Need a little nudge to get started? We’ve got you covered! Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Consider using a cool T-shirt, hoodie, plate, painting,
    or towel as a background, or step outside for a nature-inspired
    backdrop with dirt, grass, or rocks.
  • Feel free to use a variety of materials like spoons, pencils,
    earrings, or wristbands to build your setup.


Please adhere to the following rules to ensure a fair competition and avoid a disqualification:
Rule 1: To be eligible to participate, you need to be at least 18 years old and located in a country where the game is officially available.
Rule 2: Use the hashtag “#AngryCraftsChallenge” when uploading your submission to the specified platforms.
Rule 3: You may upload as many entries as you wish to increase your odds of winning.
Rule 4: Only upload your original works with this hashtag.
Rule 5: Avoid using dangerous objects (weapons, knives, fire, etc.) and revealing personal information (licences, IDs, bank/credit cards, etc.) in your creations.
Rule 6: Upload your submission the latest on Saturday the 30th of September
Rule 7: All participants need to have a UserID (download and play the game!) in order to claim their rewards
Stay tuned for more information on the fabulous prizes and details on how they will be shipped to the winners.


By participating in this competition, you grant us permission to feature your submission(s) on our social media platforms (see more information below).

Competition duration:

Mark your calendars, the competition runs
from the 18th of September until the 30th!

⏳ 18th – 30th

Selecting winners:

The winners will be selected by a jury (our game team).

If we are unable to contact a winner within 3 days, we reserve the right to choose a new winner. If we have a reason to suspect a fraudulent entry or other breach of these rules by you, we also reserve the right to reject the fraudulent participation.

Winners announcement:

We will announce the winners on our
Facebook page on the 4th of October.

📣 4th of October
on Facebook

I won, what do I do?!

Enjoy the moment and relax!

But don’t relax too much and keep an eye on your private messages as we’ll contact you through the platform you participated on.

Important information:

Rovio or its partners are not liable for damage caused or claimed to have been caused by any participant taking part in this competition. Rovio’s total liability to the participants will not exceed the amount or value of the prizes. You are responsible for any tax consequences related to receiving a prize.

By entering the competition, you warrant that you have created the material you submit to participate in the competition (“Competition Material”). You understand and agree that you cannot submit Competition Material created by others or which include the property of a third party (e.g. famous movie quotes or third party trademarks), unless you have received an explicit permission from said third party. You warrant and represent that you own all rights to your Competition Material and that the Competition Material does not infringe the law or the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights).

By participating in the competition and by posting the Competition Material (as instructed above), you agree to give Rovio, without additional compensation, a limited right of use to your Competition Material for Rovio’s marketing purposes. This right is perpetual, is not limited to any specific media, and cannot later be revoked by you.

We may need to make changes to the competition (e.g. to ensure regulatory compliance), which is why we reserve the right to change these rules when needed. If we are forced to make changes to the competition, its prizes, dates, availability or other significant aspects of it, we will announce these changes through the competition marketing channels.

This competition is not connected to or sponsored by any social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, or Discord). However, in addition to these competition rules, you also commit to following the terms and conditions of the relevant social media platform when participating in this competition.

Rovio may process your personal data to execute the competition and to award the prizes. For further information on processing personal data, see our privacy notice:

Good luck to all of our friends out there.

Let the crafting begin!