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The Egg Wonder of Bird Island had been long forgotten by the modern flock before the Hatchlings, sensing an old magic reawakening, rediscovered it buried deep in a hidden cave. With Red’s help, the Gaia Bird hatched from the ancient artifact and explained that there were other Egg Wonders around the world, each containing a sister Spirit Bird as ancient as herself – and each needing to be awakened in order to keep the world in balance and habitable for all.

Jungle Ruins

The first new land the Birds encountered on their quest, not much is known about the ancient civilization that once thrived amid the island’s numerous oversized flora and fauna. One thing is for sure, though. These forward-thinking ancients did a good job keeping their Egg Wonder safe all these years, hiding it in a temple filled with devious traps.

Crystal Clouds

This airborne archipelago is composed of a string of magical islets floating far above the sea. Connected to each other by precarious rope bridges, each “cloud” is home to colorful, jutting crystals that catch the light and bewitch the senses. The Egg Wonder sits atop a great amethyst spire, a hundred stories tall.

Starry Desert

A vast expanse of rolling dunes surrounding a magical minaret-capped city, the Starry Desert is a land of secrets. Only the most dedicated adventurers even know about the island’s hidden oasis and its secret cache of treasures – and even fewer are able to actually find it. But the island’s Egg Wonder awaits the intrepid and pure of heart.

Sleepy Meadows

With its lush fields, babbling brooks and beguiling scented flowers, Sleepy Meadows might just be the most alluring place the flock visit on their quest. But the temptation to get lost in paradise is a real danger, and some visitors are never heard from again… But for those who can maintain focus, the Egg Wonder lies within the petals of an enormous flower.

Sacred Springs

A meditative land of hot springs and curative waters, this island was once the home of a vanished culture that prized spiritual pursuits above all else. It’s a long climb to the island’s spectacular summit, but the many geothermal features and wellness stations along the way keep the pilgrim in good health. What is that bubbling under the surface of the highest spring – could it be an Egg Wonder?

Rocky Canyons

An arid, dusty land of stone and clay, the Rocky Canyons contain hidden depths and surprises seeded throughout a maze of gorges, mesas and stone formations, each one a testament to eons of geologic time. A carved citadel, long deserted, lies nestled beneath a remote cliff, safe from the weather and even safer from would-be treasure-hunting thieves. The Egg Wonder rests there, patiently waiting for the right birds to find it. 

Angry Birds Journey

Join an all-new Angry Birds game full of fun puzzles and delightful destruction! Use the slingshot to blast blocks as you adventure through fantastic worlds. Test your skills and help the famous flock find all of the Egg Wonders before the pigs!

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