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Gotta Fling Fast, Red! The Pigs are at it Again!

Red and Sonic the Hedgehog are teaming up to defeat the pigs in Angry Birds 2!

Dr. Eggman and the Pigs are up to their old mischief on Piggy Island! When worlds collide, Red and the Flock must set out to return the stolen eggs. This time, though, the Angry Birds have a new blue ally – Sonic the Hedgehog!

Embark on the adventure together with Red and Sonic! Collect the Sonic Friends Hat Set from the Tower of Fortune to grant your birds entry to the special Sonic the Hedgehog-themed event, the “You’re Too Slow Adventure”! Speed through new challenges, dazzle the pigs with the brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog Spell, and claim exceptional rewards!

Over the next days, we will be hosting exciting community events and fun giveaways across all our Social Media channels, so be on the lookout and join the fun!

Gotta fling fast – this event won’t be around forever!