It's story time!

The greedy King Pig rules over Piggy Island with an iron hoof! Bored with the same old food, he orders his minion pigs to steal the eggs from the birds. Big mistake.

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Super Birds with Superpowers

These aren’t your average birds. Terence bulldozes through anything, Matilda drops an egg bomb, Stella blows big soapy bubbles and Bomb is highly explosive!

Mighty League!

The Mighty League is the BIGGEST update ever to the original Angry Birds and it introduces a SOCIAL way to play your favourite levels!


Meet the locals

The birds and pigs live in close quarters on Piggy Island. With highly-strung birds, and thieving pigs living side by side, conflict is all but inevitable.

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Platforms available on: Android (2.3 and up) and iOS (4.3 or later)
Category: Games
Seller: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
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