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Celebrate Earth Day with Angry Birds 2 in a unique way! Join the “Healing the World” adventure and don your favorite avian characters in the new Druid Hat Set. This isn’t just any fashion statement; it’s a call to arms against plastic pollution and a way for you to show your commitment to the cause.

Three Steps for a Sustainable Future

Here’s a beak full of truth for you – our feathered friends are having a tough time because of plastic pollution. Hundreds of thousands of our bird buddies are hurt, and some even die every single year. The problem is that many birds mistake plastics for food, which can lead to all sorts of injuries, from nasty infections to not being able to fly, and even suffocation.

But don’t ruffle your feathers just yet—there’s hope, and you’re part of it! You have the power to make a difference and help keep our avian amigos safe. EARTHDAY.ORG provides three top tips to combat plastic pollution effectively:

  • Give Single-Use Plastics the Boot: Skip plastic bottles, bags, and utensils!
  • Straws are for Suckers: Say no to plastic straws; they’re not just uncool, they’re harmful.
  • Join Forces in Global Cleanups: Take part in the Great Global Cleanup events to help remove plastic waste from our environment.

Discover how you can support EARTHDAY.ORG‘s mission and contribute to their advocacy and educational initiatives around the globe on the Birds vs. Plastics page. Together, we can create a cleaner world for both humans and birds!

Our Pledge to the Planet