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Angry Birds Friends: Official Creator Spotlight

⭐ BlueJimmie48Fan ⭐

🟦 Can you introduce yourself to the players?
Hey there, flockers! I’m Brandon Paunetto aka BlueJimmie48Fan on YouTube! For some, you might know who I am, whether it’d be my Angry Birds content on my channel or some of my collaborative work with Rovio, but for those who don’t, I hope you get to know me a bit better from this Q&A!

🟦 What’s your favorite thing about Angry Birds Friends?
My favorite thing about Angry Birds Friends has to be how strong and dedicated the player base is. I’ve seen TONS of creators post their tournament runs, Star Cup Brawl matches, and showcase the new features that roll out with every update! The players also serve as a pretty helpful guide, especially when it comes to (hopefully) 3-starring the more difficult levels the designers come up with! I’m not a “professional”, but at least I have the community to give me the confidence to do my best!

🟦 What’s your favorite bird and slingshot in Angry Birds Friends, and why?
I said in a previous video on the Angry Birds YouTube channel that Bubbles is my favorite bird, and while he still is for a majority of the Angry Birds games i’ve played over the years, I have to give the nod to Terence as my favorite in Friends, especially Wingman Terence! There’s nothing more satisfying than launching him and destroying EVERYTHING in sight! As far as my favorite slingshot goes, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Slingshot! Double the power, double the score, double the fun!

🟦 What’s your best memory of Angry Birds Friends?
I don’t really have a special moment that has come from Friends, but there is something that I do appreciate about the game, and that is keeping the classic principles alive and well, which I know is something that the fanbase has very strong connections to!

🟦 Can you share any ideas for the Angry Birds Friends videos you are working on?
Since I’m balancing other Content Creator responsibilities within Rovio, for the most part, I really won’t be branching out into “competitive-style” gameplays since I mostly play Friends in a more casual sense, BUT whenever brand-new Tournaments come out or when a new feature gets added into the game, you can bet your tailfeather I’ll be posting a video on it!

🟦 What’s your content plan as an official Creator in 2023?
What I hope to gain from my experience as a content creator is to develop and grow friendships and relationships within the Angry Birds industry. I also hope this will lead to more full-time opportunities within Rovio. For the longest time, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to work for the company that defined my days of youth and I am nothing but blessed to be a part of the extended Angry Birds family!

🟦 Do you have tips or advice for players?
If you’re on any type of social media, be prepared to see and hear a ton of varying opinions about the game. Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Constructive feedback is essential for making the necessary changes to improve the overall experience for the player. Still, the Angry Birds community is not afraid to make their own assessments of what they both like and dislike about the game. Just because you like one thing doesn’t mean another person will as well. Don’t let others’ opinions discourage or ruin your experience of playing Angry Birds Friends, it’s already bad enough we have to debate about which bird reigns supreme over the rest of the flock lol.

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