Angry Birds Space announced…from Space!

Yep, astronaut Don Petit announced the news in a big way LIVE from the International Space Station – the first-time ever in entertainment history! This #1 best-selling title brings 200+ interstellar levels with amazing new worlds to discover, plus zero gravity for spectacular and crazy-fun gameplay. And watch out, Space Pigs! The birds have some awesome new superpowers! 

Let me tell you a story…

One day those Angry Birds are safely in their nest, and the next they’re floating through space! It sounds crazy, but it all started when a giant claw appeared from nowhere and stole those precious eggs. So in desperation, the birds chased it into a wormhole and then found themselves in a new galaxy surrounded by strange planets, Space Pigs and best of all…zero gravity! 

Rovio, NASA and National Geographic!

Rovio, NASA and National Geographic!

We’re really proud of our Angry Birds Space educational activities and the great partners we’ve teamed up with. We joined forces with NASA to teach our fans about physics and space exploration in a fun and inspiring new way! And with National Geographic we’ve co-created some amazing best-selling books to show that learning can also be super-fun!

Solar System is here

To celebrate New Horizon's historic Pluto flyby, we teamed up with NASA to give you the biggest Angry Birds Space update ever - Solar System! There's 15 fun and challenging new levels with different planets, comets and satellites from our Solar System and the new S.P.A.R.K. - a smart bomb (super important for 3-starring levels). Plus the Ruffle channel has the new Rocket Science Show - 15 episodes where you can learn about our solar system from real NASA experts!


NEW! Angry Birds Space: Beak Impact gameplay trailer
Angry Birds Space: What did Curiosity find on Mars?


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Latest update (MIRROR WORLD)

Platforms available on: Android and iOS


The New Horizons mission is reaching Pluto!

Celebrate this historic occasion with your own space voyage – a brand new episode based on our corner of the universe – The Solar System!

  • 15 new levels – visit planets, comet, satellites and more
  • Watch unique videos directly from NASA experts
  • Learn about the solar system with fascinating trivia tidbits
  • Harness the power of S.P.A.R.K. – literally a smart bomb, drops knowledge AND destruction!
  • Keep tapping for Pluto!

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