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Golden Island is the breathtaking, magical residence of Stella and her super adventurous friends! Help them save their beautiful home from destruction at the hands of the bad princess, Gale.

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The Fierce Flock

Stella and her fearless pals have a strong bond but even stronger personalities. You could even say they’re best friends forever… most of the time.



Stella and her BFFs are packing some serious powers. Stella is the parkour master, Poppy is a whirlwind of energy – each bird brings their own skill to the table.


120+ Story Levels

Defeat the pigs among the treetops of Golden Island in bunches of challenging levels, and put an end to Gale’s wicked plans!

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Platforms available on: Android (4.0 and up), iOS (6.0 or later), iPad 2 and later,
iPod 5th Generation, iPhone 4 and later, AmazonNOOKBlackBerry 10
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Seller: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
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