Angry Birds Brind the Anger

We’re inviting everybody to use their anger for good!

10 BILLION pigs popped!

Thank you to all of the players who showed their support and brought their anger to Angry Birds 2! At the conclusion of the Bring The Anger event in Angry Birds 2, we made a $100k donation to UNICEF to help displaced children receive an education.

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Angry Birds 2 Supports UNICEF for every child

About Education in Emergencies

27 million children are out of school in conflict zones. UNICEF works day in and day out all around the world to keep them safe and learning. Last year, UNICEF helped 6.9 million children to continue learning amidst crisis.

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A backpack full of potential

Every child has a right to education. School kits are just one way UNICEF provides support to give children their fair shot at a more promising tomorrow, providing them the supplies they need to head into the classroom prepared to learn.

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UNICEF does not endorse any company, brand or service.

Angry Birds Venting Machine


Put the wallet away, this vending machine only accepts anger. WWE superstar, The Big Show, helped passers by in Times Square put all of their anger into this rage-fueled vending machine in exchange for some awesome prizes. See how it all went down!

Accepted forms of Payment:


Give the machine a good wallop.


Shake your rage away.


Shout your temper out of you.

Angry Birds Rage Rider #BRINGTHEANGER

Turn your rage into transport with the first anger-powered scooter!*

*Limited edition. Not for sale. We made 100 and gave them to people that probably aren’t you. Does this make you angry? Good. Rage not included.

Ride the Rage Rider in 3 easy steps.

Get Angry

Think of something to get angry about. Weather? Roommates? Evil pigs?


Push off the scooter and project your anger into the microphone.


Let your rage be converted into speed and fly through the streets.

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