Yay! It’s International Left Handers Day!


It’s difficult being left-handed in a right-handed world. Writing can easily become a smudgy nightmare. Cutting with scissors is mega awkward. Drinking from someone else’s glass is super embarrassing. And the list goes on.

The life of a lefty sure ain’t easy.

But Angry Birds has always been left-hand friendly. In fact, we did a quick check at Bird HQ and it turned out that many of us are already slinging birds with our left hands… even if we’re not lefties!

So in honor of International Left Handers Day, which has been celebrated annually since 1992, we decided to have a little fun and flip things around! Angry Birds Seasons now has a special one-off Pig Days level that will challenge and amuse everyone – especially our left-handed fans:

That’s right – the sling is now on the right instead of the left! Whaaaat!

To join the fun, go to Pig Days levels in Angry Birds Season to play the level, then participate in our Twitter giveaway!

Competition time!

We’re giving away copies of the awesome Angry Birds poster above! Selfies are boring, we want #LEFTIES! Somehow show us how much you love Angry Birds – but only using your LEFT hand – then post the picture with the hashtag #LEFTIES to @AngryBirds. We’ll be choosing the winners all day. Game on, #lefties!