Updates, Updates, Updates!

Big day bird flingers, big day indeed. We’ve got a trio of new updates to tell you about so let’s get to it!

We’ve been revealing some of the new pigs that are taking over Golden Island in the next Angry Birds Stella update via Twitter (@StellaFriends), and in this blog. Well, the update is now available! Now you can play against Ninja Pig, Boom Pig, Necro Pig, and the rest of the New Pigs On The Block! Get it here.

Next on the docket, there’s an epic Angry Birds Epic update available right now! Get the update and enter the new player vs player arena! Assemble a party of your three toughest birds, and defeat the banners of rival players and your friends!

But wait, there’s more! Angry Birds Transformers is also getting an update very soon. Keep your eyes on the app stores for Deceptihog’s Revenge – an update that introduces a new area to detransformerize, a new character, and more pig blasting, eggbot chasing action! Don’t want to give too much away now. More news to come here, and on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s a wrap for today, but you know we’ll have more new stuff soon. Check back for more info!