Tuesday Viewsday – ToonsTV passes 4 BILLION views!

The title says it all, folks! Since its launch last March, videos in ToonsTV have been viewed over 4 ba-ba-BILLION (4,000,000,000) times! Holy moly that’s a lot of eyeballs! Thank you all so incredibly much!

If you haven’t been to ToonsTV yet, you can find it in any Angry Birds game, like Angry Birds Stella:

or through the link here (it’s optimized for mobile, btw).

There’s a bunch of good stuff there including Angry Birds Toons Season 2, Stella’s new animated series, and Piggy Tales.

In fact, we have a treat to say thank you to all our avid fans! The premiere of the Piggy Tales Holiday Special – Snowed Up! Check it out:

(-‸ლ) Come on pigs. Get it together…

But it’s not all Birds and Pigs. There are some other awesome shows there too! We’ve got episodes of Transformers Generation 1 (Keeping it real!), Zig & Sharko, Wallace and Gromit: Cracking Contraptions, and more!

Of course, don’t forget to tune in every Saturday and Sunday for new episodes of your favorite Angry Birds series!