This Friday, give pigs a chance.

In honor of International Pig Acceptance and Appreciation Day, we’re making a commitment to end the poor treatment of those lovable green pigs once and for all.

It’s ok guys! You can come out now!


They may get a bad rap around here, but pigs are truly gentle and kind creatures. They’re just supremely misunderstood.

Starting from today, all pigs will be replaced with watermelons across all Angry Birds games. We hope that providing a more neutral enemy will help put an end to the perpetuation of negative porcine stereotypes. Gone are the days of toppling the pigs’ hard-built towers, and popping those adorable guys by the dozen.

Watermelons are the new pigs.

Pop those watermelons!

Want to know what else you can do to celebrate International Pig Acceptance and Appreciation Day? Eating watermelon, and playing Bad Piggies is a good start.

Visit the site here to see what other festivities are happening worldwide to commemorate this momentous occasion.