The Year in Anger: 2015

Greetings, flockers! Whew – another year down, and what a year it has been. We’re looking back on all of the stuff that has gone down in the past 365 days, compressing all of that awesomeness into 5 bite-sized morsels, and recognizing the 5 “the”s that made 2015 the year of the bird.

1. The Toons


We flipped the switch on three new seasons this year!

Angry Birds Toons Season 3 has showed the birds’ lives from a slightly different angle. Yes, they are tireless enemies, constantly grappling over the eggs, but who knew that Chuck was such a vulnerable bird, constantly begging for attention? Well, everyone I guess.

And then there are the Pigs. This year, we got to peek into the working lives of these swine in Piggy Tales: Pigs at work. Thank goodness it was just a peek, and we weren’t actually on sight with the green guys. So many safety violations.

Also, we finally got some insight into the “What happened to Gale?” question. “Was she burned to a crisp?”, “Was she rescued?”, “Will she change her evil ways?”. Answers in Stella season 2.

Last, if you’re in the mood for Toons, you can now watch them all in the new ToonsTV app!

2. The Games

Puzzle fans have a reason to dance this year. It has been a year of puzzley, matchy, bubble-popping, bird fighting action as Angry Birds Fight! and Angry Birds POP! both flew into app stores this year. Who among us can resist the easy to learn/difficult-to-master/can’t-put-it-down matching puzzle gameplay? Not I.

And then there’s another big release you may have heard of – but we’ll get to that later.

3. The Collaborations

NASA, the NBA, Sydney Max feat. Dres and DJ Premier (above), Ian Ziering, The Champions for Earth (i.e. Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, Christiana Figueres, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Ian Somerhalder, and Korean pop group VIXX), and even Sonic the Hedgehog were all in the house for a year of incredible collabos!

4. The Sequel

It’s bigger than Angry Birds. It’s badder than Angry Birds. It’s BIRDIER than Angry Birds. You know what it is. It’s Angry Birds 2! This year, the birds stormed Pig beach to launch the sequel to the biggest mobile game ever.

AB2 combined a new rich and vibrant art style, randomly generated multi-stage levels, and a new card system for choosing your bird, with the classic pig-popping physics-based fun we all love, and within weeks the game had reached over 30 MILLION downloads!

5. The Future

No, I’m not talking about Back to the Future Day (although that did happen this year).

I’m talking about the big blip on the horizon for 2016 – THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE! This year, we got our first glimpse of the movie in the first teaser trailer for the film:

It’s going to be hilarious! Not only that, but there were even some LEGO Angry Birds construction sets announced!

It’s all going down in spring of next year. We’re fiercely looking forward to 2016, and we can’t wait until you see what we’re cooking up!

That about wraps it up. Put a fork in this year – it’s done. But there is one more “the” on the list – perhaps the most important “the” there is:

The Fans

Without you, none of these “the”s would have happened at all. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our angry hearts. You keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll keep making the things that make you happy.

Speaking of happy…
Happy New Year!