The Angry Birds Movie now in theaters in over 60 countries!

Still a week to go until the North American release of The Angry Birds Movie, but if you happen to live in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, or Africa, today’s your lucky day. The Angry Birds Movie is now in theaters! Not a bad way to spend a Friday the 13th, eh? Just try to keep your excitement under wraps for the benefit of our North American friends who still have seven grueling days of waiting ahead of them. Or don’t.

In fact, why not send your North American friends a Facebook message with our fresh set of stickers, and tell them how awesome the movie was! No spoilers though. That’s just rude.


These puppies will be hitting Facebook very soon. Pick them up for free here when they’re available! Hint: after 10:00 am PST. right now!

Check out the full list of release dates for the Angry Birds Movie here to see when the birds will be hitting screens in your part of the world.

  • Jonathan Barbara

    Have you seen the Angry Birds film yet? Do you plan on seeing it? Apart from entertainment, Angry Birds is also one of the subjects in my PhD studies in the role of Games in Storytelling. I would be very grateful if, after having watched the film, you could spend 15-20 minutes filling this questionnaire. Whether you’re for the Birds or the Piggies, whether you have played the games or not, your contribution counts!