The Angry Birds Friends Pig Your Ride Tournament Starts Yesterday!

Yo dawgs, we heard you like Angry Birds Friends tournaments and cars, so we made a new Angry Birds Friends tournament about cars so you can play with cars while you play Angry Birds Friends!


We’ve got a brand new tournament jumping off in Angry Birds Friends. Only this time, the pigs are taking the normal Angry Birds Friends tournament, covering it with a flames and pinstripes, and slapping 24 inch rims on it – It’s the Pig Your Ride Tournament!

Based on what I’ve seen in Bad Piggies, I’m not sure I want pigs anywhere near my ride, but you have to admit, they’re the kind of pigs that take an idea as far as it will go, and that’s the kind of innovation the world needs more of. However, we can’t just let those pigs go wild with their crazy inventions. That could be dangerous. Better put an end to their tinkering – in 2 new tournaments with 6 all-new levels each!

Play the tournament here!