Revenge of the Birds

Over the years, we’ve felt a little bit bad about how the birds have been treated. Well, to celebrate the latest Angry Birds GO! Sub-Zero update, we decided to do something about it!

It’s time for the birds to get their revenge. It’s time for them to control the humans…

First we needed some super-intelligent birds – but all we found were three chickens. They would have to do. Off to snowy Sweden we went, joined by a crack team of scientists and mechanics. They had the know-how and the tech to make revenge a reality! The idea was simple: use motion-tracking technology to allow the birds’ head movements to control the direction of three ski karts as they hurtle down a steep ski slope.

Wait. Whaaaat!?

So, um, now all we needed were three humans to strap into the karts. We flew them in from all over the world:

Peter “The Mighty Eagle” Vesterbacka from Rovio, has been instrumental in the poor treatment of the birds over the years.

Rhett Allain, a WIRED science journalist and scientist, has studied Angry Birds flight physics – and now they want revenge.

Jonas Persson an Angry Birds fan who’s flung more than his fair share of birds at those pesky piggies.

Watch the video and see just how the birds get their own back:

Only one human was harmed in the making of this video.