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Back when the birds were a little less angry, and a whole lot cuter, before they had even SEEN a pig, life was a bit different. Like many younguns, the birds were more concerned with taking the perfect nap than with popping piggies, or protecting all of bird-kind.

That’s the vibe in Angry Birds Dream Blast – a brand new Angry Birds puzzle game available now in limited release, and coming very soon to app stores worldwide. Other than introducing the positively adorable baby versions of classic birds, Red, Chuck, and Bomb, Angry Birds Dream Blast also introduces an all-new gameplay style for the Angry Birds – with free-flowing dream bubbles that fly in the face of the grids found in other matching games. Add the grid-defying bubbles to some strategic booster combining, and a healthy dose of Angry Birds attitude, and you’ve got the matching game of your dreams!

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