Pre-register for Angry Birds Blast for a free gift!

The holidays aren’t the only thing on the horizon (but more on that later). No, there is also a brand spanking new Angry Birds game approaching a global release very, very soon. Get ready for Angry Birds Blast coming December 22!

Angry Birds Blast! Available Dec. 22

Angry Birds Blast is a balloon popping puzzler that charges you with freeing the birds trapped in colorful balloons. How they got in there is anyone’s guess, but it’s up to you to blast them to freedom. Solve puzzles, and pop pigs in a whole heap of levels full of bright bouncy balloons, balloon-bursting boosters, and bountiful bad guys.

If you’re anything like me, you will want to be notified the very second that Angry Birds Blast is available worldwide. Luckily, pre-registration is open right now. pre-register to receive a notification when Angry Birds Blast hits app stores. PLUS you get $9.99 worth of in-game gold for free to get you started!

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