Piggy Tales and epic fails

Hello, hatchlings! And also a big hello to all the piglets out there, too!

Piglet is our pet name for a Bad Piggies fan. See, piglets are small, cute, they make a lot of noise and they’re also – ohhh, don’t worry! You get the picture.

Today’s post is dedicated to all the piglets out there! Our animation team has been working on a brand new series of shorts for ToonsTV called Piggy Tales. Head over to Toons.TV to check it out! There’ll be a new episode every Friday.

Looks fun, right? It’s also a really different style of animation to what we’ve been doing with our Angry Birds Toons episodes, as we think it’s fun to try new things!

However, there’s a problem. Our animation team are big meanies. They’re always thinking up of new ways to hurt the piggies. This may be the Angry Birds Blog, but, c’mon, the piggies need some love, too.

So, we invite you, piglets, to think of the nicest, most considerate ways of treating the piggies in Piggy Tales. Let us know in the comments below.

Piggy Tales airs every Friday in the Toons.TV channel on your Angry Birds apps, as well as on the Toons.TV site.