I’m a big fan of Angry Birds Seasons – there’s always a surprise around the corner, and today that surprise is Pig Days! It’s a wiggly map of themed levels that unlock one by one, with a new challenge every week. But why “Pig Days” you ask? Well it’s because each level is a Piggi-fied version of some special event, famous anniversary or unique holiday from around the world!

Check out the gameplay trailer!

You can find the Pig Days map from the main level menu, and you’ll see there are lots of levels coming up. What are they celebrating? What could they be about? Well, you might be able to guess what they are from the silhouette, but you probably won’t. Or will you…?

The first Pig Days level is out now, and celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing with a lunar theme! Put on your spacesuit (if you have one), make sure you turn on the oxygen (so you can breathe) and get ready to pop some piggies on the lunar surface! But be warned – just like our own real moon, Pig Moon doesn’t have a very strong gravity field, so you’re gonna have to think super careful about your aim.

You can find out more about the epicness that was the Apollo space program here!