New Update: Bad Piggies – Custom Contraptions!

We spend a great deal of time around here talking about the birds. Angry this, birds that, squawk, squawk, squawk, etc. However, today we’re giving it up for the green guys. Bad Piggies comes through with a brand new update that’s all about showing off some fancy parts – and if you know anything about the pigs, you know they like to show off their parts…


Check out the the absolutely-no-pig-nudity-containing trailer below.

With the Custom Contraptions update, you can collect a boatload of new, colorful, and over-the-top parts you can use to add some flair to the pigs’ flying, driving, crashing machines.

There are three ways to get your hands on the new parts. Let’s break it down:

1. Hidden loot crates. Find these bad boys hidden throughout the levels in Bad Piggies. Which levels? Well, there’s a reason they’re called hidden loot crates. Go look for them! However, if you must know immediately, you can watch a video to reveal each crate’s location.

Collect up to three hidden loot crates every day!

Collect up to three hidden loot crates every day!

Once you find a crate, play the level, send a pig crashing into the crate, and collect that sweet sweet loot. You can find up to three loot crates every day. Wooden crates contain 3 rewards, metal crates have 4, and gold crates are stuffed with 8 rewards. These rewards can be scrap, fresh custom parts, or new pigs to pilot your crazy vehicles.

2. The Workshop. Remember the scrap you received from those loot crates? Take it to the Workshop to make more betterer new parts. The more scrap you put in the machine, the better the parts that come out.

Behold the Scrap Machine.

Behold the Scrap Machine.

3. The Shop. If you want all custom parts ASAP, you can also find wood, metal, and gold loot crates for purchase in the shop. Pro tip: You can get one free wooden crate in the shop after updating.

So how do you use your newly acquired, rainbow colored parts? Head back to the Workshop and tap the button in the bottom right of the screen with the wheel in it. That will take you to your parts collection. There are different categories here (pigs, frames, wheels, motors, etc.). Highlight your favorite parts from each category, and that part will show up in the usable parts when you play a level.

So shiny!

So shiny!

There it is! Get the new update here, collect those parts every day, and get to customizing those contraptions!

  • They looks so nice , its a great work keep it up ,

    Good luck

  • Justin Holmes

    i cant get it on pc.

  • Evan Ellsworth

    The loot crates are broken, and I don’t get them. Tried 2 devices.
    Device 1: iPhone SE, 64GB, iOS 11.4.1
    Device 2: Moto g4, 16GB, 2GB RAM, Android 7.0