NEW Blues! Angry Birds Blues is back with new episodes.

Last march, we saw the mischievous trio Jim, Jake, and Jay branch out in their own animated series, Angry Birds Blues. These three big bros to the Hatchlings are known for being the rambunctious troublemakers of the Angry Birds flock, and in the course of the first 10 episodes of the series, they’ve been quite busy in that regard – building the perfect clubhouse, terrorizing each other with booby traps, and perfecting their sweet dance moves – when their Hatchling siblings aren’t getting in the way that is.

Today we have some good news for fans of The Blues. Get ready for a Mighty Eagle Express delivery of new episodes! Head over the The Angry Birds YouTube channel to see the all-new episode, Sprung Out, right this very moment, and come back for more new episodes very soon!

Haven’t caught up with The Blues? Not a problem. See the first 10 episodes in one mega compilation below.

Be sure to check back to the the Angry Birds YouTube channel to see what kind of trouble these little guys will get themselves into next!