New Animated Series: Angry Birds Blues

The Blues (aka Jim, Jake, and Jay) made their first appearance in the Angry Birds world in the original Angry Birds game (Poached Eggs level 1-10 to be exact), and instantly won the hearts of players as “that blue bird that splits into three blue birds”.

Seven years later, and they’re part of the core Angry Birds flock, making appearances in nearly every Angry Birds game – Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds 2, as Lightning Birds in Angry Birds Space, and as a towering hero in Angry Birds Epic. They’ve POPped, they’ve Blasted, and they’ve been slingshotted millions of times.

Other than their penchant for practical joking, these blue brothers are known for their supreme glass-breaking skills, and today, the trio is smashing into millions of pieces of glass around the world (i.e. phone and tablet screens) in their own all-new animated series. The series premiere episode, Mighty Delivery, is available to stream right now on ToonsTV! Watch out for a new episode every Friday.

Angry Birds Blues

Catch the season premiere of Angry Birds Blues on ToonsTV!

What can we expect from this terrible trio? These masters of disaster are always hatching some kind of devious plan, and whether it’s success or an epic fail, it’s always fun to watch (from a safe distance). Their only weakness, the unbearably adorable Hatchlings. These fuzzy bundles of joy will do whatever they can to get in the way of whatever it is that the Blues are doing. Whether it’s building a clubhouse ordered from Mighty Eagle Express, or flying a kite, expect the Hatchlings to cluelessly walk all over the Blues’ plans – in the cutest way possible of course.

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