Metal Monday – A behind-the-scenes chat with Apocalyptica!

Oh hey there! Glad you stopped by.

In case you missed it, Apocalyptica (Finnish cello slayers) blessed Angry Birds Seasons with a killer rendition of the AB theme for the On Finn Ice update. If you haven’t heard it, and you like things that are awesome, go ahead and check it out below.


Well, hey! Got something new here. We got the chance to sit down with the guys in Apocalyptica to talk about Angry Birds and the Angry Birds theme song. Hear their thoughts in the video below.

What a coincidence! The only game I have on my phone is every Angry Birds game – and some secret ones you don’t know about yet (sneaky sneaky). You may play them too some day – OR you could play the On Finn Ice episode. It’s available now (and forever) in Angry Birds Seasons! Hopefully that’ll hold you over. Get the game here to try it out, and keep your eyes peeled for new stuff coming very soon!