Kaseberg Elementary Gets a Mascot Makeover!

There have been a few different Angry Birds mashups in the past. Angry Birds Transformers, and Angry Birds Star Wars I and II are just a few examples. We recently got an opportunity to be part of another kind of mashup, this one unlike anything we have done before.

About a year ago we received a message from Jim Espinoza – a parent of a student at Kaseberg Elementary in Roseville, California. Being a designer, Jim was looking for a way to update his daughter’s school mascot (a fearsome looking hawk), and give the students a way to show their school spirit. Naturally, he thought of the fiercest, most determined creature he could imagine – an Angry Bird! It didn’t hurt that Kaseberg’s school color is red either. Jim took the Kaseberg Hawk mascot, redesigned it in the Angry Birds style and kabam – a new t-shirt design!

But Jim didn’t stop there. He was kind enough to send us an email to ask permission to use the font and Angry Birds style to make the t-shirts. We loved the design so much that Angry Birds Art Director, Toni Kysenius took his brush to it, and kapow – see the results below:


Pretty snazzy indeed. The shirts were given out to the students of Kaseberg Elementary last Thursday, and they were super stoked! We’re so glad we got the opportunity to work with Mr. Espinoza, School Principal Marc Welty and the students of Kaseberg Elementary. Who knows where the next mashup will take us.

PS: Go Hawks!