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A conflict is brewing on Bird Island. The pigs have taken a shine to the Birds’ home, and they’re herding there in great numbers. Now, not even the eggs are enough for these beasts. They want to take the Birds’ homeland as well! As you can imagine, this is no bueno for the birdos. The angry ones aren’t just going to sit idly by and let the pigs take over their home. No! It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to say NO to those piggy oppressors. It’s time to TAKE BACK Bird Island. It’s time for EVOLUTION!

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Angry Birds Evolution is the biggest, most bombastic extension to the Angry Birds universe EVER. In this 3D casual RPG you’ll build and train a fearsome flock to save the island from the villainous Don Bacon. Collect over 100 new birds, evolve your favorites – then go kick butt! Exciting action-packed gameplay, engaging weekly events, and a complete new roster of bad-ass avians make this the wildest Angry Birds game yet.

The game is coming to app stores worldwide this June. Think you got what takes to bird up, create the strongest flocking team on Bird Island, and take down the pigs in full-contact, explosive battles? Yea? Good. Then sign up and JOIN THE EVOLUTION.

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  • Ian O’Neill

    I am so EXCITED!!

  • Kathaleen Stapleford

    Can’t wait

  • Vivi Valliere

    can’t wait wow it will be fun

  • Pannu Chan

    dear sir i have samsung j7 .. which is not compatable with is game Angry birds evolution. kindly add this phone model..thanks

  • Detton g george

    I am excited

  • Carson Jones

    Is this game going to be ok for kids cause the original angry birds games were ok for kids

  • GusGus ToysBox

    Can’t Wait!!!! Add me to Friend list who are EXCITED about this game!

  • GusGus ToysBox

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  • Keith Blodgett

    It’s June 3rd, where’s the evolution?

  • Ivan Inkling

    I’m getting the Wii up and splatoon! 💝😺

  • NappinYogi

    Sounds good!