Ah. The eternal question. Would I be a Jedi or Sith? It’s certainly kept me awake at night, weighing up the pros and cons of each potential life choice.

I have to say, joining the Jedi Order has a couple of benefits:1. Yoda’s Wisdom – you could learn a lot from this pint-sized green guru of the Force with questionable grammar. He’s definitely someone you want on your side.

2. Zen – Jedi Knights are renowned for being cool, calm and collected. They are totally chill, even when face-to-face with some naughty Siths: “Oh no! It’s some Siths!” “Relax bro, we’re Jedi.” “Oh yeah.” (chills out)

But then there’s the Sith, who are also pretty badass:

1. Style – Sith threads are so much cooler than Jedi garb. Just take a look at Style Magazine’s top-ten list of Most Trendiest in the Force – it’s totally packed with Sith Lords and not a Jedi in sight. Black is the new, err… black.2. Lightsabers – Red is soooo much cooler than green or blue. And then there’s Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber – TSHCHVOOooomawesooome!

But for most, it’s not a matter of choosing a path. The path chooses you. You may envy that snazzily dressed Sith Lord wielding his formidable red lightsaber, but would you be able to live with all that pent-up anger and mistrust? Well, some people will do anything for fashion…

Well, now that I’ve got you contemplating your Force-based fate, you might as well play the all-new Master Your Destiny episode for Angry Birds Star Wars II! There’s 30 new levels, a new ranking system and this time you have to choose which bird or pig to sling across the galaxy. But remember, your only weapons are what you bring with you!

Watch the trailer, and download the game for free!

What path would you follow and why? Confess your allegiance in the comment section below!

Me? I’ll let destiny step in and make the decision. But I’m quite sure my destiny wears black…