¡HOLA! Greetings from South HAMerica!

It’s time for a brand-new Angry Birds Seasons episode! This time we’re off to South HAMerica (yay!).

There’s 24 tricky new levels set on mountainous terrain and, as always, three bonus ones to unlock. While the birds flew south to watch some soccer, those green scoundrels are trying to steal their eggs again – and also trying to get their trotters on some ancient relics while they’re at it! It’s up to you (and the birds) to stop those swine!

Check out our trailer for the new episode. We’ve made our very own “telenovela”, a kind melodramatic soap opera with plenty of overacting. You could say the acting is… hammy! (yeah yeah, I know).

There’s also been a small change to the power-ups – the birds got pretty thirsty on their way south, so we’ve changed Super Seeds into Power Potion. Yum!

Oh, and one more thing – Pig Days!

What are Pig Days I hear you ask? Pig Days are super awesome one-off levels that celebrate various special events, anniversaries and holidays from around the world! And there’s a fun, new challenge almost every week. Oh yeah – more levels!

Pig Days are coming soon – so watch this space. Well, not THIS space. The space in the game that says “Pig Days”. That’s where they’ll appear. Obviously.