The Hatchlings learn to fly – with JETPACKS!

It seems like only yesterday the Hatchlings were still in their shells, their whole lives ahead of them, and now in the blink of an eye these little guys are ready to leave the nest and take to the skies. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Just like the older birds, the flightless Hatchlings will have to rely on technology to get themselves aloft. Bring in the jetpacks!

Angry Birds 2: Jetpack Run

The Hatchlings take flight in a brand new game mode in Angry Birds 2!

Today Angry Birds 2 introduces the Jetpack Run – a new game mode that puts the Hatchlings in the pilot seat in a thrilling aerial obstacle course. Navigate your Hatchling successfully through tricky obstacles to collect apples, earn rewards, and compete with other players around the world. Navigate unsuccessfully and kiss your precious Hatchling goodbye! Nah, they’ll be fine.

Jetpack Run gameplay in Angry Birds 2

Collect apples and earn high scores.

Ready to blast off? First thing’s first – you need a Hatchling. Open Angry Birds 2 and tap the slingshot to the left of the character cards to get started. Of course if you’ve been dutifully feeding your Hatchling for months already, you can jump into the Jetpack Run fun right away.

Not playing Angry Birds 2 yet? Download the game here!