Hasta la vista, birdy

Last march we debuted the Wingman vs El Porkador tournament on Angry Birds Friends, and to date it remains one of the most loved tournaments of all time. Since then, we’ve noticed a bunch of requests asking for a sequel. So here we go… El Porkador is BACK!

Allow us to introduce you to the terrifying, merciless, sadistic…



In the Wingman II: Revenge of Cyporkador, the Wingman will rise up, slinging his way through six new levels against his arch nemesis Cyporkador and his Cypork minions.

Only Wingman can stop the imminent apocalypse on Piggy Island, but he needs your help…

Summon Wingman and smash through Cyporkador’s flying machines, tanks, earth core drill, building-blowing bomb and giant robot to save Piggy Island, and make sure he’s gone for good this time!

Angry Birds Friends “Wingman II: Revenge of Cyporkador” features six new levels. Wingman use is free and unlimited during this special tournament. Tournament starts today at http://friends.angrybirds.com!