Get ready for The Angry Birds Movie 2 premiere with new in-game events!

The Angry Birds Movie 2 comes to US theaters tomorrow, but who wants to wait that long?! Good news: you can get into the movie mood right now with a new batch of Angry Birds Movie 2 events in your favorite Angry Birds games! Prime the hype engine with the trailer for The Angry Birds Movie 2 below and read on to get the scoop on all of the Angry Birds Movie 2 happenings.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 delivers with not one, but two movie events starting today! For the first time ever, a non-bird is joining the flock as a playable character! Unlock Leonard as an “extra bird” starting today and use his powerful (and kinda gross) special ability! Also, take part in a new hat event. Help the birds stay warm and look fly in the plush winter gear featured in The Angry Birds Movie 2. Collect the new hats to play a special hat event, August 12–22.

Download Angry Birds 2 here!

Angry Birds Dream Blast

The birds of Angry Birds Dream Blast go behind enemy lines in a limited time in-game event on Eagle Island. Collect popcorn, infiltrate the top-secret Eagle Lab, and unlock the character avatars from the movie – August 12-25!

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast here!

Angry Birds Friends

The birds and pigs might be teaming up in The Angry Birds Movie 2, but that doesn’t stop them from playing vicious pranks on each other. Join in on the fun and take part in Angry Birds Movie 2 themed Prank Wars tournaments in Angry Birds Friends starting today!

Download Angry Birds Friends here!

Angry Birds Match

The Hatchling stars of The Angry Birds Movie 2 come to Angry Birds Match for a special quest event. Samsam, Zoe, and Vivi have found themselves in Zeta’s lair. Take on challenges to add these intrepid travelers to your flock along with three outfits for each. Also, be on the lookout for special offers in the in-game shop!

Download Angry Birds Match here!

Angry Birds Blast

An Angry Birds Movie 2 themed puzzle event is ongoing in Angry Birds Blast until the end of the month. Collect all the pieces to reveal a movie-themed scene, and check in for all of your favorite recurring events which will also have some Angry Birds Movie 2 surprises in store!

Download Angry Birds Blast here!

Angry Birds POP

Check in to Angry Birds POP for some special costumes and maps inspired by The Angry Birds Movie 2. Eagle villain, Zeta also joins the flock as a guest bird until August 14. Stay tuned for more events and new levels featuring locations from the movie coming soon!

Download Angry Birds POP here!


Whew! With all of these exciting game events happening, don’t forget to go see the movie – pick up your tickets to The Angry Birds Movie 2 here!