Get a faceful of Angry Birds Movie Gifs and stuff!

If you’re anywhere near as excited about the North American release of The Angry Birds Movie as we are, you’re ready to dive into the Angry Birds world face-first. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a couple of ways to augment your reality to do just that!

First, the good people at GIPHY have added new Angry Birds Movie themed filters to their incredibly fun GIPHY CAM app! Grab the app from the App Store, and add some birds and pigs to your animated gifs! Perfect if you want to

kick it with Terence


or just get down with your bad self.


The GIPHY CAM filters are available throughout the weekend until the 23rd May – so get giffing!

Next, MSQRD lets you change your appearance and take surreal selfies with amazing face tracking technology. Starting today, look out for a new mask featuring that most angry of birds, and star of The Angry Birds Movie – Red! Pick up MSQRD from The App Store or Google Play, and let’s see some Red selfies!

Last, maybe you’re not trying to put your own face out there quite so much, but you still want to have some animated bird goodness. Not to worry, there’s a new batch of animated Angry Birds Movie Facebook stickers that you can add to any Facebook message, comment or post.


Hopefully that will hold you over until you can get fully immersed in the Angry Birds world, because in case you haven’t noticed… (hint below)


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  • Jonathan Barbara

    Have you seen the Angry Birds film yet? Do you plan on seeing it? Apart from entertainment, Angry Birds is also one of the subjects in my PhD studies in the role of Games in Storytelling. I would be very grateful if, after having watched the film, you could spend 15-20 minutes filling this questionnaire. Whether you’re for the Birds or the Piggies, whether you have played the games or not, your contribution counts!