Flock Favorites – Step 1 of the Angry Birds evolution

Going back to where it all started. It’s like visiting your hometown, things are changing a bit but the cozy warm feeling of being ‘home’ stays.

Do you remember when we asked you to vote on your favorite levels? – Well, you voted and we listened! The result is an all new and fan-inspired bonus episode: FLOCK FAVORITES!

These 15 new levels have been made from scratch by our hard-working team of level designers. They looked at all the answers you gave us back in May, and got to work on new levels that revisit your favorite episodes. From classics like Poached Eggs and Danger Above, to even the controversial Red’s Mighty Feathers, there is a bit of everything!

We will be taking even more cues from the community with future updates for Angry Birds, so please do keep your feedback coming, it really does have an impact on our game development! But keep in mind that this is just the beginning, so keep your eyes open for something BIG!

Flock Favorites is out today, remove the dust from your classic slingshot and prepare for something new, or old, or new-old… well, whatever, you know what I mean. Download here.