Film Friday – Angry Birds Movie Legos and More!

Remember those LEGO Angry Birds sets I mentioned a while back? The observant bird-flingers out there might have noticed that they have already appeared on LEGO’s website! The sets look to be packed with plenty of catapulting, egg snatching/rescuing fun for casual LEGO and Angry Birds fans – as well as containing a few exclusive pieces for the diehard collector or AFOL. Can’t get that hot dog anywhere else, folks.

Head over to LEGO’s site for a sneak peek of all six sets, and get psyched for their release this spring!

Speaking of getting psyched for releases, has anyone else seen an Angry Birds Movie standee at their local theater? They have been popping up in theaters around the globe. How do I know? Because you guys have been sticking your faces in them!

Por que estas enojado??? Jajajajjaja #angrybirds #smile #movie #comingsoon

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i'm the star! #angrybirds #me

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Looking good! Seems like there are plenty of people already psyched and ready to go pig in May. Only 4 more months to go…