Fan Friday



We’re running a few different formats here on the Angry Birds Blog, and one new idea that we are starting today is to spotlight our favorite community members each week.

There are actually so many amazing members of the community that we reckon we can keep this going for quite a while!

So let’s kick this off by celebrating one super-special member of the community:

GREG aka BIRD LEADER from Angry Birds Nest!

As you know, Angry Birds Nest is the #1 fan community for Angry Birds and has been around for almost four years now!

Greg has built this community from scratch and I was fortunate enough to (finally) meet him in person back at GDC in March.

From our discussion, it was clear that two things really motivate Greg in doing what he does: the community, and his son (pictured below!)

Greg says that Angry Birds helped bring his family together. It was a chance for him to spend quality time with his son, and that was one of the main reasons why he started the site.

Since then, the Nest has grown, and grown, and grown. It’s now home to one of the most dedicated and passionate fan bases around, with over 50,000 registered members and over 200 million walkthrough views on YouTube.

So this goes out to you, Greg!