Fan Friday: Xmas Edition – Fenny Y’s Artful Meals

What is the best part about the holidays? Celebrating with family and friends? The presents? NO! It’s got to be the food. I don’t know about you guys, but around here we like to set a mean table of holiday delicacies. Of course there is plenty of Christmas ham, delicious comforting casseroles, and a bevy of cookies, pies, and other sweets for dessert.

However delicious our holiday food might be, it has never looked as good as the meals this fan (or this parent of a fan) puts together on a daily basis. Case in point:

Fenny Y is a mom who (as is obvious from the image above) creates incredible bento style meals for her children featuring… whatever they can dream up apparently. We’re totally flattered that they dreamed of Angry Birds this time 🙂

Angry Birds aside, Fenny Y’s Instagram is bursting with creative and delectable designs featuring everything from Rilakkuma:

to the Minions:

Or how about awakening the force with a baby Yoda coconut milk cake (and a side of Baymax)?

It’s all super impressive to look at, and I’m sure, absolutely scrumptious. Check out more of Fenny Y’s handiwork here!

Whatever your holiday feasts look like, stay merry, and keep it angry.

Merry Christmas!