Fan Friday – Ursula Doughty’s Angry Birds Movie x Game Mashups.

A little bit Angry Birds Movie style, a little bit classic game style, all awesome! Ursula Doughty has been getting our attention via Twitter with her incredible artwork that mashes the Angry Birds game characters side-by-side with the same characters from The Angry Birds Movie. Take a look below and see how much the birds have changed since their humble, limbless beginnings!


Take a look through Ursula’s Instagram and Facebook for more gems containing characters of Minions, Inside out, and more!

  • Richard Dolot

    Can you please launch the Angry Birds Ace Fighter here in the Philipppines? I’m a great fan of Rovio since the Bounce game here in the Philippines.

    • tailsthecm126

      I pretty sure Angry Birds Ace Fighters is a fan made game.


  • tailsthecm126

    I want battle bay in Indiana please don’t let me down please…