Fan Friday – Stella draws Stella!

Can you believe it?! Angry Birds Slingshot Stella was released one year ago today. To commemorate this special occasion we’re going to be: 1) popping some pigs on Golden Island (feel free to join), and 2) taking a look at some incredible Stella art from one of our superfans!

Speaking of superfans, Stella Organa has been sharing her impressive Stella art on Twitter for some time now, and it’s pretty clear that she’s super talented. Take a look. Here’s (bird) Stella herself, cheekily wearing Willows hat.

Where Stella O really shines is in drawing human versions of the flock. Check out human Willow.

Pretty adorable, no? Here’s another one:

It’s not just the Golden Island Girls that get the Stella O treatment! Feast your eyes on Silver!

I’ll leave you with my personal favorite. According to Stella O, this is Gale before she fell out with Stella and co. and became totally gold-crazy.

Such a happy looking girl. Oh, what could have been.

If you have some art of your own that you want to share, what are you waiting for?! We’d love to see it so get it out there and hit us up on Facebook and Twitter. You can also submit fan art right here on Just go to here, and click “Submit your own fan art!” at the bottom. Show us what you got!