Fan Friday – Márcio is a talented guy.

On November 10th (aka last Tuesday), we shared a video in a Facebook post for the Blizzard spell in Angry Birds 2. You can go ahead and grab Angry Birds 2 here to see the spell in action, but that’s not why we’re here today. We’re here to tip the ol’ hat to one super talented AB fan. One comment on that Angry Birds 2 post was from the subject of this week’s Fan Friday, Márcio Dantas Silva, and it was some pretty impressive stuff:

But that’s not all Márcio’s got going for him. Judging from his Instagram account, he’s also a fan of Batman, Kirby, The Hulk, and good old trompe l’oeil. Also Doritos. Not only that, but the guy happens to have some serious chops when it comes to drawing. I could go through every post to his Instagram account here as an example, but I think I’ll just leave it to you to check it out yourself!

Thanks for the incredible art, Márcio!