Design an Angry Birds Blast iMessage sticker!

EDIT: The competition is now closed. Check out the winners here.

Fans, artists, balloon blasters. Grab your pens, brushes, styli, whatever it is that you make the arts with. You’ve got some work to do. We’re looking for three new stickers to add to an upcoming Angry Birds Blast iMessage Sticker Pack, and we’re turning to our incredibly talented fans (i.e. you) for the designs.

Your sticker in iMessage.

Your sticker in iMessage.

Think you got what it takes to design a sticker? Create a design (or designs) with the classic Angry Birds characters and send it to us via your favorite social media – or as a comment on this blog post – and your artwork could be immortalized in our next sticker pack!

Got some questions? We’ve got answers and more detailed instructions below.


How do I submit my design?

There are a few ways to enter:

  1. On Instagram or Twitter using #BlastStickers
  2. On Facebook by replying to the contest post pinned to the top.
  3. In this blog, by dropping a comment containing an image.

When can I enter?

Submission is open from January 9th to the 15th.

How many designs can I submit?

As many as you want!

When/where are winners announced?

Winners will be announced on Monday, January 16th on our social media channels and blog. If you’re one of the winners, we’ll contact you directly too!

What should my design… be?

No restrictions, just submit a fun drawing! It helps to keep in mind what the design will be used for so try to create something that you’d like to use in your iMessages.

When will the Angry Birds Blast iMessage stickers be available?

The Angry Birds Blast iMessage Sticker Pack containing the winning designs will be live on iOS only at the end of January. The pack will be available for free via the Apple App Store. More info to follow!

By entering, do I agree to the Terms & Conditions?

Yes. You can find the terms and conditions below.


Terms & Conditions

By submitting your sticker design(s), you agree to allow us to use your fan art or sticker submission without compensation in a manner we consider reasonable, for example by posting it in our online channels, or by using it in our marketing activities.