Curse of the Mummy Pig: Part 1

The sun is nearly below the horizon. The orange light of twilight illuminates the progress as your crew continues to dig. The harsh desert wind kicks up sand all around you. You take a slog from your canteen. The excavation leader runs over to you with excitement in his eyes – a twinge of fear. They’ve found something!

You give the command to your crew. The ropes creak and groan as they heave aside the massive stone obstructing the entrance to the tomb. Inside is nothing but black, a stale stench hanging in the air. A gentle breeze beckons you into the darkness beyond the threshold. The air inside is cool. Your torch fills your nostrils with acrid smoke as you enter the tomb. You wipe the sweat from your brow with your free hand. What is waiting for us in there?

This week begins the Halloween-themed Angry Birds Friends tournament, it’s you versus an ancient porcine civilization too clueless to stay dead!

Play it now –if you dare!

And tune in on October 29th for the continuation of… CURSE OF THE MUMMY PIG!