Birds of the Summer: Update Roundup

There’s tons of stuff to do in the summer, but it’s good to have a smartphone or a tablet at hand for the occasional rainy days or to help pass the time during a long road trip to the beach.

So, let’s take a look at all the updates we’ve released so far this summer. There’s quite a lot to play through!

Angry Birds – Flock Favorites

15 levels that revisit your favorite episodes

Angry Birds Rio – Timber Tumble

20 levels located in Amazon rainforests

Angry Birds Seasons – South HAMerica

24 levels in South American mountains + new weekly Pig Days levels

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 – Master Your Destiny

30 levels to pledge your allegiance

Angry Birds Go! Multiplayer Part 1

Race against players around the world, trying to beat their time

Let this blog post serve as a friendly reminder to update your Angry Birds games this summer!

And, don’t worry, despite the heat wave in Finland, the gang here at Rovio are still hard at work on more levels and games for you to enjoy this year.

For example, next week we have a special Angry Birds Frie… Well, we won’t spoil it for you just yet.

Stay Angry.

(And hydrated).