Announcing Angry Birds Stretch!

Today, we are proud to introduce an all new and completely unique Angry Birds experience – Angry Birds Stretch!. Red can’t stop running around saving the eggs from those nasty piggies. Every time he saves an egg, he grows! Can you collect all of the precious eggs without crashing?

If you’re a fan of the classic Angry Birds slingshot gameplay, look no further than Angry Birds 2 because Angry Birds Stretch! puts our familiar fierce fowl in a totally new, never before seen environment and gameplay experience. Play from a top down perspective as Red races around the play area, gather eggs to make Red grow and to increase your score. Hit a wall and it’s game over! Squawk!

Are you ready to play hundreds and hundreds of levels of unique and tricky challenges? Well try Angry Birds POP or Angry Birds Blast because Angry Birds Stretch! features only one infinitely replayable level. When you’re having this much fun, one level is all you need!

Want to challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score? Maybe Angry Birds Friends is more your speed because Angry Birds Stretch! is all about challenging yourself, and accomplishing a new personal best – enjoy absolutely zero social features!

Angry Birds Stretch! hits app stores very soon for the limited-time launch price of only $9.99. Check back to this blog, and the Angry Birds Facebook and Twitter pages for more info!


  • Totally original game concept!
  • Easy to pick up and play!
  • No one has ever seen this kind of gameplay!
  • ONE infinitely replayable level!
  • No social features!
  • No boosters can help you here. Git gud, scrub!
  • Requires a constant data connection!
  • Contains ads from third party advertisers!
  • Contains in app purchases!
  • Coming soon!