Angry Tales of Terror: Friends ‘til the End

There’s a new run of Halloween tournaments in Angry Birds Friends starting today! Something is not quite right on Piggy Island. The pigs are preparing for their annual Hamoween feast, and their harvest has been humongous! No one knows what exactly is going on there so of course it’s up to the birds to sort it out. Play the first tournament here and see what you make of it!


Halloween has officially started in Angry Birds Friends. Week 1: Little Crops of Horror!

But for now, read part one of a bizarre tale from the ground level of these strange happenings entitled, Friends ‘til the End.

Mort and Sam were the closest of friends since they were wee piglets. They spent every free moment together through primary school, and even after they reached the age at which they could help the grown up pigs with the farming that was the lifeblood of their small rural community.

Recently however, Sam noticed that he has been seeing less and less of Mort. Why could this be? He knows that the work on the farm has been especially tough this year. They’ve never had a harvest so copious or with such large specimens. Pumpkins the size of King Pig himself, stalks of corn like trees! Sam, along with the other piggy farmers, has been feeling it in his diminishing free time, but mostly in his back. On the bright side, the Hamoween feast is sure to be legendary this year.

Still, Sam hasn’t seen Mort in weeks, and he’s starting to get worried. He decides to pay his friend a visit. After completing his work for the day, Sam bops out the door of his parents’ home, and hits the trail. Walking down the dirt road that bisects his family’s land, Sam is greeted by the brisk autumn air which brings all kinds of nostalgic autumn aromas to his snout. Dry fallen leaves, dirt, manure. Simply divine.

After a short amble, Sam arrives at Mort’s house. Finding Mort’s mother on the front porch, Sam inquires about his friend. Mort’s mom says Mort is out back in the woods somewhere.

“He sure is spending a lot of time out there. I barely see him anymore! Who knows what he’s doing? I’m not sure I want to know, to be honest.”

Sam knows all of Mort’s secret hiding spots, and it doesn’t take long before he has located his pal in a small clearing next to a creek. Sam can just make out Mort’s green, spherical figure in what dwindling daylight makes it past the canopy of trees overhead. However, as he approaches, Sam sees another green, spherical figure. Over the babbling of the creek, Sam hears Mort’s voice talking and breaking into intermittent chuckling laughter. Sam’s heart drops to the pit of his stomach as the reason for his friend’s recent absence comes into focus. Mort has a new friend.

Sam listens to the conversation for a minute staying hidden behind a nearby tree, and although he can’t hear the details, he gets the point: Mort would rather spend time with his new friend. He turns to leave, but his first step lands on what has to be the driest, loudest twig on all of Piggy Island.


Who is Mort’s mysterious new friend? Where has he really been all these weeks? How can we explain the pigs’ super-sized harvest? Find out in the conclusion of Friends ‘til the End here!