Angry Birds Toons – A New Season and A new app!

As promised, I’ve got a pretty sweet deal to share with you regarding Angry Birds Toons – BUT FIRST, we’ve got two exciting items on the docket:

1) There’s a new app in town – the new ToonsTV app launches today! The app puts all of your favorite cartoons in one ultra-convenient place, right in your hands, everywhere you go. The best part? See all new episodes of Angry Birds Toons, Piggy Tales, and Stella’s animated series TWO DAYS before they appear anywhere else – exclusive! That’s not mentioning the tons of non-Angry-Birds shows that you can find there. You can download the app now from Google Play or the Apple App Store through this link. Trailer anyone?

Next on the agenda:

2) Angry Birds Toons Season 3 premieres today as well! I told you it was coming soon, didn’t I? Expect the birds and pigs to be asking the big questions this year – What am I looking for in a butler? How can I take the perfect selfie? Which bedtime story should I read? Is the truth really out there? Check out the season 3 trailer in Monday’s blog for a peek at the action!

Now, the sweet deal! Here goes: most people will have to wait three weeks for all of the first three episodes of Angry Birds Toons season 3 to be available, BUT if you download the ToonsTV app, you can watch all three episodes right now! Get the app now from Google Play and the Apple App Store and get to watching!