Angry Birds Thanksgiving Feast: Day 2

Have you had your fill of POP!kin pie from yesterday? Hope you’re still hungry for more ‘cause it’s time to cleanse your palate with some:

Cyber Weekend Salad

Black Friday? Nah, this is the 21st century. Black Friday isn’t enough on it’s own anymore. Embrace the future for Cyber Weekend! You might say, “But it’s the year 2000. Isn’t every weekend a cyber weekend?” – to which I would have to respond, “Yes,” gazing over the top of my VR headset, all manner of wearable technologies whirring away around me, “but not every weekend do we see deals like this.” ( ∙_∙)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

2 - image?

First – listen up Androidians, this one’s for you. There’s a HUGE Cyber Weekend sale going on in Google Play. From the 24th (that’s today) until December 2nd, all purchases in Angry Birds games are -50%!

But you don’t have to be of the Android persuasion to reap those sweet sweet Thanksgiving discounts. Angry Birds Friends is also getting in on the action on all platforms with some extra deep discounts. Visit the in game shop to see what’s up! Aaaaaaaand lastly, Angry Birds POP! gets all generous with 50% more gold with every purchase. Time to stock up!

That’s it for today, but look out for more goodies coming your way tomorrow!