Angry Birds Stella – Meet the New Pigs on the Block!

There’s a new update on the horizon Stella lovers, and it’s crawling with new pigs! These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, garden-variety porkers either. These pigs are superpowered – just like Stella’s flock! Sounds scary right? Why would we put that kind of power in the pigs’ hands?! Not to worry! The pigs don’t have hands. But also, every one of these new pigs has a weakness. It’s up to you to figure out the achilles heel of each New Pig on the Block. Right, I know. The pigs don’t have heels either. Gimme a break.

We’ve already revealed a few new pigs on twitter (@stellafriends) such as the quick-as-lightning Ninja Pig.

Ninja Pig can stealthily switch positions with any other pig on the screen. Now you see me, *poof* now you don’t! But Ninja Pig has his weakness as well. Psssst -secret time. Ninja Pig’s weakness: Science-fu. That’s right, Dahlia’s superpower will let her travel through solid objects, and recombobulate herself before those Ninja Pigs know what hit them!

We also revealed two mystery pigs on Twitter via @StellaFriends last week – one explosive:

and one spoooooky:

We challenged you to guess their names, and you had some pretty awesome ideas! For the exploding pig, your guesses were: Stupid Piggy (yes, eating explosive materials is not the wisest thing to do), Pigs-plosion, and Ka-Boom Pig. All great guesses! However, the pig’s real name is…

Boom Pig!

This explosive piggy will go “BOOM” when it is popped, destroying nearby objects!

Next, the top guesses for pig number two were: VooDoo Pig, Necromancer Pig, and NecroPorker (wish we’d thought of that XD). The pig’s actual name is…

Necro Pig!

Necro Pig can reanimate popped pigs into zombie pigs. Be sure to double-tap!

We’ll leave it to you to figure out their weaknesses. Can’t reveal everything you know 😉

There you go bird flingers! Check back soon for more info on Golden Island’s newest piggies, and look out for an update coming very soon!