Angry Birds Friends – Tournament Mania!

Angry Birds Friends has been providing wacky weekly tournaments for nearly 4 YEARS! Let’s see – 6 new levels per week, 52 weeks per year, 4 years – that comes out to over 1,200 levels total!

All of that furious feather flinging must have finally gone to our heads because next week, we’re going totally bonkers – it’s TOURNAMENT MANIA!

Tournament Mania!

Instead of the typical week-long tournament of six levels, we’re hosting FIVE SEPARATE TOURNAMENTS. And it’s not just a week long either – nope, this tournament marathon is running for 10 days.


Let’s break it down:

  • 10 days: January 18 – 27
  • 5 Tournaments, each with 6 Levels
  • Separate rewards for each tournament


Tournament 1: Monday 18 January

Tournament 2: Tuesday 19 January

Tournament 3: Wednesday 20 – Thursday 21

Tournament 4: Friday 22 – Sunday 24

Tournament 5: Monday 25 – Wednesday 27

Don’t miss out on the first tournament starting on Monday the 18th, lest you miss your chance to reap those sweet sweet tournament rewards.

Play it here!

Additional important heads-up: Beginning next Thursday (that’s the 28th), new Angry Birds Friends tournaments will begin every Thursday. Be sure to get your bird flinging in by Wednesday night, and look out for a new tournament every Thursday!