Angry Birds Friends – Changes and Challenges!

Another week, another Thursday, and another awesome tournament in Angry Birds Friends! If you’ve been checking in every Monday expecting a new tournament, you might have been disappointed. Sorry about that! Just a friendly reminder: weekly tournaments now start every Thursday. That’s a big deal if you want to be the first of your friends to put up your high score.

Now that we’re all on the same page, it’s challenge time! Are you the one friend who always comes out on top of the podium every week? Are you effortlessly crashing through Angry Birds Friends levels like a hot cannonball through so many sticks of butter? Then this one’s for you. Every week, the good people of Angry Birds Nest send across a high score challenge from that week’s tournament. Here’s an example from last week:

AngryBirdsNest gathers the most prolific bird slingers from around the world. They like coming up with challenges, we like accepting them! You have one day left to “Best the Nest”!

Posted by Angry Birds Friends on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Seeing as how the Nest has collectively earned a galaxy’s worth of stars in their day, this score will typically be tough to attain. Think you can do better? Then put your money where your mouth is. Take a screenshot of your best score and share it on the Angry Birds Friends Facebook page.

Angry Birds Friends Facebook page?” you may be asking yourself. “But there is noAngry Birds Friends Facebook page,” you may be saying. And you would be incorrect. Angry Birds Friends now has its very own page on the book of faces. You’re going to want to like that thing to get all the latest on your favorite bird-flinging competition.Click this link to check out the haps.

And we’re live – Welcome to the new Angry Birds Friends Official Facebook Page! Stick around for news, tip, tricks, challenges, walkthroughs and more!

Posted by Angry Birds Friends on Thursday, February 11, 2016

And if you’re not the “cannonball through butter” kind of player, I’m certain you will find some stuff there (and on AngryBirdsNest) to take your game to the next level.

Now get out there and play already. A new tournament is live today!